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By Kenneth L. Ashley

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The transistor model includes output resistance 1/gds, which appears directly in parallel with RD with the source grounded. Note again that the signal schematic transistor represents a current source with value gmVi, as established in connection with Fig. 1. The additional feature of the transistor model is included with the addition of 1/gds. This resistance is actually part of the transistor and is between the drain and source of the transistor, but the circuit as given is equivalent, as the source is at ground.

Signal Vg = Vi is applied to the gate (input) and, in response, a signal voltage, Vo, appears at the drain (or source). We would like to analyze the signal performance in terms of voltage gain, av = Vo/Vi = Vd/Vg (or av = Vs/Vg), of the circuit based on a linear (smallsignal) analysis. In any case, the voltage gain is av = GmRx, where Gm is the circuit transconductance (as opposed to the transistor transconductance) and x = D (common source) or x = S (source follower). Thus, the goal will be to obtain a relation for Gm for a given linear model of the transistor.

9 Therefore, the condition for linearity is that Vgs << 2Veff, with Veffn = VGS = Vtno and using . With this condition not satisfied, an output signal is distorted. 10 In the parabolic relationship, the squared terms cancel entirely. In general, though, the output signal contains harmonic content (distortion) when Vgs is too large compared to Veffn. 2. Nonlinearity Referred to the Output The discussion above of limits imposed on Vgs assumes that the transistor remains in the active mode. To clarify this point, reference is made to the output characteristics of Fig.

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