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The effect of the impedance is to prevent the immediate application of Ohm's law to an alternating-current circuit. The resistance of 100 feet of insulated copper wire of the size represented in Fig. 10, and which is No. 13, FIG. No. 13, 10. A. W. Gr. as WIRE, FULL SIZE. G. is If known commercially cotitracte'd approximately l-5th of an ohm. a continuous E. M. F. of one volt be maintained between the ends of this wire, the current strength through the wire, whether straight or wound into a coil, would, by Ohm's law, be five amperes (1 volt -s- l-5th ohm = 5 amperes).

Properly ^ The experiments of Tesla and others have shown that at frequencies and pressures far higher than those employed for ordinary commercial purposes, the physiological effects of alternating currents be- come less severe, and that at extraordina- 50 ALTEENATING ELECTEIC CUEEENTS. high frequencies, enormous pressures may be handled with impunity. It should be remembered, however, that rily the physiological effects produced by a current depend largely on the resistance offered to its passage through the body For example, when an alter- by the skin.

F. and current are periodically varying, ELECTKOMOTIVE FORCES. 51 being at certain times at greatest strength and at others entirely absent. It is evi- dent that it would not be correct to estimate the value of an E. M. F. or a current at either its greatest or its least value nor ; is usual to take the average value. F. and the current, called respectively the effective E. M. F. and the effective current strength, s\xe taken as estimated from their equivalent heating effects. Thus, an alternating- current pressure of 100 volts one which, as already mentioned, will produce in an incandescent lamp the same is heating and, 'therefore, the same degree of illumination as 100 volts of continuouscurrent pressure.

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