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By Jeffrey M. Paige

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Paige' agrarian revolution supplied a theoretical framework which creatively explores the linkage among sorts of financial and social association and collective political hobbies

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E9iz~ian;i';;;-';~'~~hip;, arid' ~~nflic/ iher~jore tends. i1e. itself. The landed upper Class tends to focus 'conflict on control of'Ine . -presence - - - 'of _a. P-~rcial or inuusfrfaragricul- tura! gricIDlijfe. ~and-l0wer classes must depen(f"""OJla redistribution of land. There is nothing else of any great valuefooecomethefocus-;;rpoiiiicaTattention. Thus in export sectors dominated by landed upper classes, conflicts over landed property are endemic. Since in a free market the landed arlstoeracy'WoUld-quickly-be-bought'-out-by more efficient small holders or plantations, the landed upper class inevitably devel~s some set of special land tenure privileges denied the rest of the population.

While peasant 'cbriservatism sometimes attrib: uted to the' restraining effect of the "culture of poverty" or some similarly backward ideology, it is usually recognized as a rational response to the economic conditions of peasant life. 29 The conservatism of smal asant subsistence farmers is a result of the precarious riatu 0 pe sa . ag-rkultural pro u~n and. oStpeasant"socfeties:""As Eric Wolflo has'pointed oliCibe'peasaiif depends-on-a-"tiliri"margii1"6e-tWe-en maximum production and starvation.

47 Charles Erasmus. "The Occurrence and Disappearance of Reciprocal Farm Labor in Latin America," in Dwight B. Heath and Richard N. ), Contemporary Cu/tllres and Sodeties 0/ Latin America (New York: Random House, 1965), pp. 173-199. 44 45 36 Agrarian Revolution of aid or support outside the family:):he sick, the injured, or the elderly peasant /fithout lands or family is in desperate trouble in many peasant communities. \The peasant community is divided by the economic self-reliance of its individual members who can get along perfectly well without the help of others and would be.

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