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By Gerald G. May

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She called her doctor, who scolded her for exceeding the recommended dosage and told her to stop the drops entirely. But Sally was feeling desperate. ” she shouted. But the doctor refused and said to have faith; if she left her nose alone it would clear up in a day or two. Sally argued and pleaded, but the doctor remained adamant. Finally, angry but defeated, Sally had no choice but to leave her nose alone. It was not easy. At first her nose just seemed to get worse, and Sally became increasingly irritable and restless.

It is what draws us toward God and one another. If we do not fill our minds with guilt and self-recriminations, we will recognize our incompleteness as a kind of spaciousness into which we can welcome the flow of grace. We can think of our inadequacies as terrible defects, if we want, and hate ourselves. But we can also think of them affirmatively, as doorways through which the power of grace can enter our lives. 2 Security Addictions The presence of addiction should be suspected whenever interior human freedom is compromised.

Again it worked, but only for an hour. Each time she used the drops, their effects wore off more quickly, and her nose was stuffier than ever. Sally realized she was overdoing it, and several times she resolved to stop. But she made excuses to herself and kept on using the drops. ” The following day Sally had gone through most of the bottle and she couldn’t breathe through her nose at all. The drops no longer had any effect whatsoever, and she was due to leave for the ocean the next day. Although she knew it was silly, she could think of nothing but her solidified nose.

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