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By Stephen Roos

ISBN-10: 0585150133

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Brisk, insightful, and compassionate, this ebook seems to be at all of the Twelve Steps from a tender person's standpoint. Concrete path is helping getting better youth make the stairs part of their lives.

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Page 4 other drug addict, no matter what age, race or religion, sexual orientation or social background, has felt the same: addiction happens to other people. No matter how strong the evidence is, we can always find a rationale to explain why we couldn't possibly be an addict or alcoholic. "My father's an alcoholic and I'm never going to be anything like him," runs one line of denial. "I only drink on weekends," runs another. " goes a third. If the consequences of alcoholism weren't so devastating, the excuses might be funny.

Despite what many of us may have been taught, there's nothing "right" or "wrong" about feelings or about spiritual belief. Spirituality is a tool that helps some of us live happier lives. It is not a yardstick by which we measure our worth. If you're not ready or willing, or if you're just not interested in learning how to use this particular tool, don't beat up on yourself. Whatever your reasons, they're good ones, based on real feelings that come from real experience. All you need are two things.

When the troubles began, we were psychologically, if not physically, addicted to drugs and alcohol. We believed in drugs and alcohol and, to tell the truth, we were believing less and less in everything else. "I kept telling myself I couldn't be an alcoholic because I never got into trouble with the law. " Our world got smaller. Our range of options got narrower. If we admitted that our lives were unmanageable, we knew, consciously or not, that we would have to do something about our drinking and our using.

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