New PDF release: 4th Time's the Charm

By Jennie Might

ISBN-10: 0966585348

ISBN-13: 9780966585346

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Still, if Brother Petroc was deeply interested in the new world opened out to him, his instructors, as the Abbot had probably foreseen, benefited even more than their pupil. They had never before been in touch with such a mind, keen, incisive and enquiring. Any statement they might make was taken up and carried through to its logical conclusion, with a swiftness and accuracy that amazed them. Often enough a careless, slipshod statement, questioned by Petroc, landed them in a maze of difficulty and contradiction from which they were totally unable to extricate themselves; then their pupil would come to the rescue and a few sentences would make all clear again.

With rapt attention he followed every step of the Great Sacrifice to its close. But when the Subprior came to summon him, after the Celebrant and his Assistants had left the Altar, he was unable to stand alone, and had to be almost carried back to his cell. The bed was pulled under the open window and he was laid on it. He did not speak again of his own accord that day; but there was no lack of life and feeling now in the still face with its closed eyes. Next morning when the Lay Brother came with his dinner, he was missing.

So they tended him as best they could there in his tomb. At length the pulse began to steady and strengthen while the breathing grew regular and a faint tinge of colour appeared in cheeks and lips. After watching the young man attentively, with his hand on the pulse, the Subprior at last ventured to trickle a few drops of brandy between the parted lips. He watched the effect anxiously, and there was a movement of relief from the three as they saw a distinct motion of swallowing in the throat muscles.

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