180 westliche Kräuter in der Chinesischen Medizin - - download pdf or read online

By Helmut Magel, Wolfgang Prinz, Sibylle van Luijk

ISBN-10: 3830476124

ISBN-13: 9783830476122

1. Auflage, 24. Oktober 2012

Übersichtlich und leicht nachvollziehbar: Westliche Kräuter nach den aus der Chinesischen Medizin bekannten energetischen Kriterien `Geschmack, Temperaturverhalten, Funktionskreisbezug, Wirkrichtig´ beurteilen und therapeutisch einsetzen. Nach den Arzneimittelgruppen der Chinesischen Medizin geordnete Kurzbeschreibungen von ca. one hundred eighty westlichen Kräutern zum Lernen und Nachschlagen. - Beschreibung nach den Kriterien, die für chinesische Arzneimittel kennzeichnend sind: Geschmack, Temperaturverhalten, Leitbahn-/Organ-/Funktionskreisbezug, Wirkrichtung. - Tabellarische Aufbereitung der Eigenschaften auf einen Blick zum schnellen Erfassen und Einprägen. - mit Beispielrezepturen für häufige Erkrankungen

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Despite the formation of leagues such as the Hildesheim Union and the inclusion of northern princes in the Rheinbund, the situation in the north was much less secure. 5 Neither Saxony nor Brandenburg had evinced much enthusiasm for the Swedish intervention after 1630; they were no more enthusiastic about Sweden as a neighbour and potential competitor after 1648. Sweden’s withdrawal and restitution of occupied territories was slow and accompanied by substantial compensation payments that were bitterly resented by the territories that had to pay them.

This was essentially a meaningless gesture, for the King of France could scarcely be bound by the electoral capitulation of the German emperor. Other clauses made the determination of the Electors quite clear: the Reichshofrat was deprived of the right to hear appeals from subjects arising from taxation for military purposes; membership of both the Reichshofrat and the privy council was to be restricted to inhabitants of the Reich, and the emperor could neither form alliances nor outlaw anyone without the consent of the Electors.

13 Frost, Northern wars, 227–8. Reconstruction and Resurgence, 1648–1705 16 imperial law and in defence of the Reich. Brandenburg thus ‘emerged’ as a significant pillar of the Reich, rather than as an independent northern power. The allies had dented Sweden’s reputation and the peace settlement thwarted any aspiration to Swedish hegemony in the Baltic. 14 The Swedes continued to insist on all their rights in respect of their German possessions and to exploit all their entitlements to customs dues for another fifty years.

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180 westliche Kräuter in der Chinesischen Medizin - Behandlungsstrategien und Rezepturen by Helmut Magel, Wolfgang Prinz, Sibylle van Luijk

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