Charles Herrick's 100 Questions & Answers About How to Quit Smoking PDF

By Charles Herrick

ISBN-10: 0763757411

ISBN-13: 9780763757410

Even if you are a newly clinically determined sufferer, a chum or relative, this publication deals support. the one quantity on hand to supply either the doctor's and patient's perspectives, a hundred Questions & solutions approximately how one can stop smoking grants authoritative, functional solutions for your questions on the consequences of smoking and the simplest concepts for quitting the behavior. Written through a popular psychiatrist, with real sufferer remark, this ebook is a useful source for somebody dealing with the scientific, mental, and emotional turmoil of smoking.

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An overwhelming obsession with getting and using the drugs now supplants all other interests or activities. One is now caught in an emotional rollercoaster that actually may be mistaken for mental illness. One may seem very “up” and enthusiastic when high, and “down” (depressed) and lethargic when in withdrawal. At this point, the addict is stuck in a cycle of addiction. One faces the problem of having to pursue drugs at any cost and to attempt to appear normal to his friends, family, and employer.

I wasn’t a bad person but an addicted person needing help. Lisa’s comment: I attended a smoking cessation program in the early 1980s. The leader read through a virtual tirade against smokers that made the group feel like failures, people who just would not cooperate, people who simply were too lazy to perform their duty to quit smoking, and so on and so forth. The group “performed” so poorly that eventually the co-leader of the group began smoking again. Then the whole program fell apart. I was afraid to attempt another smoking cessation program for many years after that for fear of failing again.

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